How Kenyan Players Make Millions From Match Fixing.

According to the report exposed by citizen TV’s sports editor Mike Okinyi, three Nairobi city stars players were involved in match fixing making millions of money from the syndicate.

During the undercover operation a phone call was made to Mr. Patrick Korir the Chief Executive Officer for Nairobi City Stars about what the suspects were demanding , for the deal the match fixers wanted the goalkeeper, there defenders, two midfielders and a striker.

Mr. Korir’s communication with the suspected match fixers took four hours, he notified the police detectives and citizen TV’s sports team led by Mike Okinyi about the deal.

In the deal the suspects told the players to concede goals only during the first ten and last ten minutes of the game.

The players were to pocket KSH. 1.8 million for each instructions followed and on top they were to be given KSH 30,000 as transport to the match venue.

As they were at the top of their deal the police made their way into the apartment and nubbed the suspects in the process.

Some players and team manager were also taken to to Kasarani police station however they were released for assisting the police during the undercover operation.

Alongside the trio players a Russian national, a Ugandan and a Kenyan were arrested in the apartment in Zimmerman, Nairobi.

Match fixing is a world menace that threatens not just the future but also the quality of football across the world.

The world football governing body FIFA have laid out tough measure to deal with this menace whereby if any player, Team manager of any stakeholder found guilty will face a lifetime ban from any involvement in football activities.

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