“Foreign Players are blocking English talents in Premier league” Gareth Southgate laments.

England manager Gareth Southgate claims Foreign players are blocking English talents in the Premier League and he might be forced to make his squad selections from the Championship if solutions are not found.

“The numbers are the numbers. They’re not going up. That’s clear. Twenty-eight per cent (Premier League starters who are English) has happened in a couple of weekends in the last few weeks.

“It has been around 32 but that’s down from 35 when I took over and 38 in the years before, so the graph is clear, there’s no argument about that.”

“If nobody takes a position of trying to protect young English players and their chance then the numbers will continue in the same way. But I accept and totally understand that if I am at a club I want to do my best for my individual business.”

Norbert Bwire

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