Deal Done: Lionel Messi Moves to Saudi Arabia.

  • Lionel Messi transfer deal to Saudi Arabia underway and it will be announced soon. According to the source it will be a historic deal.
  • When done Lionel Messi will join his arch rival Cristiano Ronaldo who plays for Al Nassir.

The 35 years old Argentine Striker Lionel Messi has agreed a deal which sources reveal as undisclosed Saudi Arabian Club.

According to the source who spoke to AFP on conditions, citing his privacy, he did not specify the club Lionel Messi is going to.

However he also revealed that the contract is huge one and the deal is currently in final stages and it will be announced publicly in the near future before the star makes a historic move to the gulf country.

Messi had signed a deal with French side Paris Saint Germain (PSG), the contract will last up to June 30th this year, he’s supposed to make a decision before the contract expires.

As things stands right now , Messi will not sign any new contract with PSG as he is eyeing the Saudi Arabia league club.

Last week Paris Saint Germain suspended the star after his unauthorized trip to Saudi Arabia, forcing him to apologize to the club. He’s the tourism ambassador for the gulf country.

After successfully completing the deal Lionel Messi will follow the footsteps of his long time football rival Cristiano Ronaldo who is currently playing for Al Nassir.

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