Nuru Okanga, Gaucho Beef Escalates.

Nuru Okanga, Gaucho political beef has so far Escalated, the two Azimio la Umoja activists are not reading from the same script.

The latest fallout was when Gaucho attacked Nuru Okanga’s wife, this forced Okanga to fire back requesting to know with which authority Gaucho had to talk about his wife.

In his attack Nuru told Gaucho to keep off on matters about his wife as he (Gaucho) is yet to marry.

“I already told you vi used to respect you but where it has reached , you insulting me and telling others that you went to my wife’s home to talk to her people on my behalf so that she returns to my house, Do you even know where my wife’s home is?….” Angry Okanga Asked.

Okanga also told Gaucho to keep off claims that he (Nuru) had faked burials and funerals to get money, warning him to stay away from his personal businesses.

The beef between Okanga and Gaucho has for weeks now been feuding, with claims that Gaucho had abandoned Azimio la Umoja’s party leader Raila Odinga and is now cozying up to Kenya Kwanza’s camp.

According to Okanga, Gaucho was on a mission to scatter several bunge la Mwananchi groups which pledge loyalty to Azimio. This is after destroying his Jeevanjee garden bunge after receiving money.

On the other side Gaucho defended himself saying that he has no any personal issues with Nuru Okanga.

Gaucho said that the only difference between him and Okanga was political classes where Nuru was out to gain social media fame.

On Sunday , the self declared Ghetto President Calvince Okoth alias Gaucho accompanied wiper leader Kalonzo Musyoka to a church service in Nairobi where he called on Raila Odinga to declare Kalonzo Musyoka for presidency.

The move by Gaucho indicates that he has now switched his political gear to Kalonzo’ s side despite being Azimio la Umoja.

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Norbert Bwire

Norbert Bwire is a writer and founder of upasho.co.ke. He specializes in trending stories and local news. His goal is to share the best tips and news articles so as to help you understand what happens around the world.

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