Zanzibar to take over as top tourist destination.

According to the plans Zanzibar is set to become top tourist destination in Africa for Europeans.

Zanzibar ,Tanzania 🇹🇿 aims to become a top tourist destination for Europeans, starting with Belgium.

Beautiful Zanzibar beach.

Zanzibar aims to attract more tourists from Belgium and beyond with better infrastructure and services.

President Mwinyi and Belgium’s Ambassador discussed ways to strengthen bilateral relations in tourism and investment.

Tanzania and Belgium also plan to work together in areas of health and ICT to achieve development goals.

Zanzibar, the beautiful archipelago of Tanzania, is looking to attract more tourists from Belgium and strengthen its bilateral relations with the European nation.

President Hussein Mwinyi recently met with the Belgium Ambassador to Tanzania, Mr Peter Huyghebaert, and discussed ways to boost tourism and investment between the two countries

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