Why Kenyan Tea is considered Best in the world Market.

This is why Kenyan Tea is considered Best in the world Market.

Kenya is by far the biggest African tea producer, with year-round harvesting due to its geographical position located right across the equator. The 11 distinct tea regions are spread across the high plains east and west of the Eastern Rift Valley; over two thirds of the production are supplied by smallholders and processed in 66 factories, managed by the parastatal Kenya Tea Development Agency (KTDA). The remaining third is harvested on large estates, owned by tea multinationals such as Unilever, James Finley, Camellia PLC, and several private Kenyan companies.

Considered a major contributor to black tea blends (particularly to brisk breakfast tea blends that are drunk with milk) for generations, Kenyan tea growers have geared up marketing efforts. Now, it is common to find Pure Kenya single origin teas on the supermarket shelves. There is an ongoing trend toward diversification with the introduction of some orthodox black teas and some green teas and only a few months ago a new white tea from Kenya’s Nandi Hills was brought to Western markets.

Launched in 2013, after 20 years of research in cooperation with the Tea Research Institute in Jorhat, Assam, India, the unique Kenyan Purple Tea cultivar TRFK 306/1 is now yielding its first commercial harvests. So far available in small volumes only, the new purple teas have reached the western markets and surprise with their pale purple cups and subtle vegetal flavour. They are sought after for their high anthocyanine content that reportedly offers powerful antioxidant effects.

With a booming and healthy tea industry that has been continuously expanding for over 100 years the country will certainly keep its leading position.

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