‘Stop Tribal Appointments,’ Anglican Bishops Warn Ruto.

  • The Anglican church of Kenya (ACK) has warned President William Ruto’s administration over unfair appointments.
  • This comes after a public decry that job appointments are done in favor of one community.

A group of Bishops from the Anglican church of Kenya led by Archbishop Jackson Ole Sapit have raised their concerns over the unfair appointments by the William Ruto led government.

During their press briefing in Nairobi on Wednesday the bishops cited lack of accountability and transparency in key government institutions.

The bishops also decried of a glaring tribalism and cronyism which is being done in the public appointments.

The clergy called on all government institutions to be impartial and efficient and not to fall into political influence and instead serve all Kenyans equally.

During the briefing the bishops also highlighted that the government is walking in the slippery path in the war against graft, calling on tough measures to be taken on corrupt individuals without favor.

This comes amid public decry over unfair appointments in public jobs, most job appointees are one sided with majority of them from one community.

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