Shakahola massacre: Shock as several bodies exhumed are missing organs.

  • Shock as several bodies exhumed in Shakahola forest are missing organs.
  • This comes as the second face to exhume remaining bodies begins.
  • Several people have been so far arrested in connection to Shakahola massacre.

For quite sometimes now Kenyans have been so anxious about the findings at the Shakahola forest in Malindi, Kilifi County, where several people were starved to death by controversial preacher Paul Mackenzie.

According to a court documents which were filed on Monday at a Nairobi Court reveals that some of bodies exhumed had their organs removed. This indicates that the suspects engaged in a forced harvesting of body parts.

This happens as the interior cabinet secretary Prof. Kithure Kindiki toured the Shakahola forest where the second face of exhuming the remaining bodies began today.

Speaking to journalists Kindiki assured the public that the government of Kenya will use all available resources to a certain the course of the incident, saying that it’s one of the worst tragedy in Kenyan history.

As the CS was speaking the security team had rescued two more people raising the tally of the rescued while alive to 65.

So far 102 bodies have been exhumed and the number is expected to rise as second face of the exercise has began today. 25 people have been arrested so far in connection with the Shakahola massacre.

The Shakahola area remains under dusk – to – dawn curfew with citizens being warned of dire consequences if found outside during the curfew hours.

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