NYS Recruitment, Requirements and Salary in Kenya 2023.

In this article we’ve highlighted on how to join NYS in Kenya, Requirements to join NYS, the training and the NYS salary in Kenya as at 2023.

What is NYS?.

The national youth service (NYS) is an organization under the Kenyan government which was established in the year 1964 with the purpose to equip young Kenyans with relevant skills. Over the years now the organization has greatly improved to what it’s currently.

However in 2019 the national youth service (NYS) was transformed from a state department to a semi – autonomous state corporation after the 2018 NYS act which was amended by the Kenyan Parliament.

President William Ruto inspecting a guard of honor mounted by the National Youth Service (NYS)

NYS Recruitment.

In an advert to the public the national youth service made an announcement that this year’s 2023 nation wide recruitment will commence on Monday, 15th to Friday 19th may, 2023.

They have called on all Kenyans who want to join the service to prepare all their documents ready for commencement of the process.

However those willing to join must meet all the requirements as stated in the advert and what the laws of Kenya require before presenting themselves on the recruitment day.

Below are the requirements as stated in the advert.

Requirements to join NYS in Kenya.

  1. Be a Kenyan citizen from the respective sub county of recruitment.
  2. Must be aged between 18 years to 24 years.
  3. Must attain a minimum of mean grade of D plain and above in the KCSE.
  4. Must present Original identification Card (ID), Academic certificates (and also present photocopies of same documents)
  5. Must be ready to undergo medical check-up during and after recruitment.
  6. Must be ready to undergo compulsory six months non – combat paramilitary training.
  7. Must be ready to give voluntary service to the republic of Kenya.
  8. Must present the certificate of good conduct.

Those who meet the above requirements and they are willing to join the national youth service must present themselves during the process starting on 15th May,2023.

The successful candidates during the process will be required to report at the different NYS camps across the country as per their admission latter’s , to undergo six months paramilitary training.

People living with disability have not been left out also in the recruitment exercise provided they can undergo the vigorous paramilitary exercises then they can avail themselves.

Corruption has been strongly condemned during the exercise, and any individual found giving out monetary or any other consideration for the purpose of admission shall face the full force of the law.

How long is NYS Training in Kenya.

After successful free enrollment to the service and enlistment the new recruits are subjected to a vigorous non – combat paramilitary training which lasts for six months.

The main aim of this vigorous training is to make the recruits more tough for the hard task ahead of them which is to serve their country diligently.

After the six months are over the newly graduated service men and women are taken to different government offices and public places to offer services such crowd control and management, security to the government facilities among other functions.

NYS Salary in Kenya 2023.

The salary at the National Youth Service (NYS) in Kenya varies depending on ones job group. Recently the government of Kenya increased the salary by 3% a move that saw the least paid individual earning a gross salary of Kes 18,000 while the highest paid individual earning a total of Kes 200,789 which is inclusive of all allowances.

The allowances are well catered for by the Government of Kenya and it has also increased from Kes 500 to Kes 1000, a move that was well received by the Youth

The allowances include hardship allowance, Medical allowance, house allowance as well as clothing allowance.

The NYS salary in Kenya is given as per the ranks, from the Director General all the way to the new recruits, so the higher the rank the higher the salary.


In conclusion, this article has highlighted various important issues concerning the Kenya National Youth Service from it’s mandated task, recruitment process and the salary our service men and women are earning.

Make sure share this to your loved ones who are willing to join NYS, and also leave your comments and feedback in the comment section below.

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