How ATPU Sharpen their Counter Terror Response Skills


Detectives drawn from the DCI Anti-Terrorism Police Unit’s Emergency Response team (ERT) have today successfully completed a rigorous advanced combat riding course held at Kedong training camp in Naivasha, Nakuru County.

ATPU Police Training.

The highly specialized course that was facilitated by DCI partners including the US Embassy’s office of Anti-Terrorism Assistance under the Diplomatic Security Services, TripleTap Academy, Kibo and BMW Mistorrad, was tailored towards enhancing provision of immediate response capability to emergent and high-risk incidents requiring specialized skills and tactics.

The training included obstacle crossing skills, speedy maneuvers with an armed pillion passenger, target shooting while in motion among other skills.

Anti-Terrorism Assistance Regional Programs Manager Mr. Mike Solis noted that the Emergency Response Team is now equipped to better manage incidents and respond to the ever dynamic security situations expeditiously, specifically in response to terror threats.

ATPU Police displaying his skills

Triple Tap Academy Instructor Mr. Sammy Onyango, an exceptionally experienced shooting coach, noted that the course participants received world-class training that exposed them to different scenarios, that would come in handy while responding to priority operations.

The coach who has been instrumental in training the team noted that similar trainings would continue to be offered, to ensure that ERT operates professionally, efficiently, safely, and effectively in guaranteeing public safety and security.

The Emergency Response Team is a highly skilled tactical unit in counter-terrorism, hostage rescue and close-quarter combat operations, that has received training locally and internationally.

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