How Andrew Kibe’s wedding Turned Chaotic.

According to has been revealed by a Bishop who officiated his wedding Andrew Kibe was Madly in Love with his Ex wife.

His mother and sisters were all opposing the marriage.


Andrew Kibe is a well known media personality having served for quite sometimes at the Radio Africa’s KISS FM. However he was forced to quit.

He’s currently creating content on his YouTube channel account and other social media platforms. He’s also a well known men advisor, advising men not to be simps. But have you ever asked yourself about his previous marriage life?


Andrew Kibe aka Mr. Lambastic was also once a happily married man with a family before thing went sour.

He was happily married to a lady only identified as Bernice and they were blessed with two children.


On April ,15, 2023 a Bishop on social media identified as Bishop Tom Abungu revealed how kibe’s wedding was chaotic.

He stated that during the time he officiated the wedding kibe’s mother turned out to be chaotic when she took to the altar and exchanged vows with kibe’s ex wife Bernice.

Bishop Tom Abungu revealed that Andrew Kibe was Madly in Love with Bernice contradicting with Kibe who now claims that he was forced by the church to marry.

His mother and sisters were all against Andrew kibe’s decision to marry Bernice the key reason being that they hated her.

On that wedding day his mother caused drama on the altar as she was trying to stop the wedding from proceeding.

Kibe’s sisters also joined their mother causing a dramatic scene as guests were watching in shock.

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