DCI Report On Jeff Mwathi’s Death Investigation.


Detectives based at the DCI Homicide department are finalizing their investigations following the death of Jeff Mwathi, 23, who died on February 22, 2023, in unclear circumstances.

In a case that has attracted a lot of public interest, the DCI Director Mr Mohamed Amin, ordered fresh investigations into the young man’s mysterious death, to establish in greater detail the circumstances leading to his demise on that fateful morning.

So far, the Homicide team and Crime Scene experts based at the DCI National Forensic Laboratory have re-visited the scene, conducted a scientific scene reconstruction exercise and recorded fresh statements from witnesses in a bid to unravel the death mystery.

Consequently, upon the recommendations of the Homicide experts the body of the deceased has since been exhumed for a fresh autopsy, and toxicological samples obtained in order to establish whether the deceased had taken alcohol prior to the incident and determine its percentage, or any other toxic substances ingested prior to his death.

Similarly, DNA samples have been obtained from the deceased and persons of interest in this case for comparison, to ascertain whether allegations of sexual molestation before the deceased’s death hold water.

Other aspects of investigations including forensic analysis of CCTV footage obtained from the apartment where the incident occurred and cyber analysis of digital data has also been conducted for a comprehensive probe.

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