Babu Owino: If talks Fail We Are On streets Again Fully Prepared.

The Embakasi East member of Parliament Babu Owino has warned the government side to ensure that talks as agreed by both sides do not Fail.

Owino has revealed that they are now fully prepared to go back to the streets for the second time again, but this time they are fully prepared to deal with police.

Appearing while wearing on a face mask the Embakasi East lawmaker said this time round they have a permanent solution teargas as more of such masks have already arrived for their supporters.

“This talks MUST NOT FAIL. My supporters and myself are more than ready for round two. We have a permanent solution for teargas for all our supporters, container already arrived band kept safely. Meanwhile training continues..” ~Babu Owino.

On 2nd April President William Ruto called on the opposition to call off their weekly demonstrations and embrace bipartisan approach.

Raila Odinga in his response embraced Ruto’s call for dialogue as it is the best way to present their demands. However Odinga in his speech issued what he called as ‘Key issues’ that should be looked at during the dialogue.

He also revealed that if their demands are not looked at he will be forced to go back to the street for demonstrations again.

In his demand Odinga want President Ruto to halt the ongoing process of appointing new IEBC commissioners. The new commissioners are slated to replace former IEBC chair Wafula Chebukati and his colleagues whose term expired.

He also want Ruto’s administration to ensure that they re-introduce the subsidies majorly on basic commodities such as Food and school fees so as to ease the burden of high cost of living on Kenyans.

The demonstrations have been going on in the country for two weeks now since 20th march until they were called off on 2nd April.

Several people have been killed while others injured during the demonstrations period.

The move by the opposition to call off the demonstrations was welcomed by most Kenyans , Religious leaders, business people and other stakeholders.

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