The Africa’s Youngest PhD Holder.

The Africa’s Youngest PhD Holder

Nigeria’s Dr. Olaoluwa Hallowed Oluwadara became Africa’s youngest PhD Holder in Mathematics at age 24 in 2013.

He was the Best Overall Graduating PhD Student at the University of Lagos with a perfect CGPA of 5.0 in 2013.

He is a Lecturer at the University of Lagos.

He is a Next Einstein Fellow.

He attained his Baccalaureate (A’ Levels) at age 14. He studied Mathematics-Physics at the University of Bangui.

In his third year, he registered separately for Mathematics and Physics, and obtained concurrently two BSc degrees in Mathematics and Physics.

He was granted the same permission to register separately and concurrently for Masters’ programs in Mathematics and Physics and obtained two Masters’ degrees with Distinction at the age of 19.

He is the first and only student to have completed two concurrent degrees in mathematics and physics at the Undergraduate and Master’s level in the Central African Republic.

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