South Africa: The African country with Most Developed Road Network

The African country with most developed Road Network.

The entire network of roads in South Africa πŸ‡ΏπŸ‡¦ comes to a total of 755,000 kilometres, classified as follows:

9,600 km of asphalt surface national and metropolitan highways, including 2,400 km of toll roads of the highest standard. National highways are recognised by a number prefixed with the letter “N”. Metropolitan highways are recognized by a number prefixed with the letter “M”.

65,000 km of asphalt surface provincial roads of a very high standard. Provincial roads are recognised by a number prefixed with the letter “R”.

300,000 km of un-surfaced roads in excellent condition, recognised by just a number without a prefix. Perfectly drivable with an ordinary 2WD vehicle.

168,000 km of tarred and un-surfaced urban roads in good condition.

221,000 km of unclassified roads in rural areas.

South Africa has a good core infrastructure network such as a transport system, power, communications network, sewage and water.

However, while there is a good core network, previously disadvantaged areas and rural areas don’t have the same adequate infrastructure as developed communities due to high social inequality.

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