State to exhume Dedan Kimathi’s body for a decent send off-President William Ruto

President WIliam Ruto on Saturday announced that the government has pledged to search for the remains of Mau Mau veteran, Field Marshal Dedan Kimathi, who is believed to be buried within Kamiti Maximum Prison.

The Head of State stated that the aim is to provide him a proper national burial, fitting for the independence war hero that he was. The announcement was made during the burial of his (Kimathi) wife Mukami Kimathi in Nyandarua County.

Other Mau Mau heroes had requested the exhumation of Kimathi’s body as they believed that he was buried with his body in chains while in prison. They feel that it is only right that his remains are given a dignified sendoff at his home.

“Mzee ameongea kwa kirefu na amesema wanataka mwili ya Kimathi mahali ilizikwa kwa sababu ilizikwa kwa aibu kubwa; kama amefungwa minyororo kama mhalifu ilhali alikuwa shujaa wa kupigania uhuru wetu wa Kenya,” The Head of State said.


“Ninakubaliana na nyinyi, serikali ya Kenya itaungana na nyinyi tutafute mahali huyo shujaa alizikwa kwa aibu tumtoe mahali pale ili tumpatie heshima inayotoshana na shujaa ambaye alipigania uhuru wa taifa letu la Kenya.”

President Ruto also said that the government is dedicated to honoring both its pre and post-colonial heroes. He hinted that his administration is committed to establishing a museum worth Ksh. 50 million in the region to commemorate the freedom fighters.

“We have already set aside Ksh. 50 million for the construction of a museum for Mau Mau veterans, the minister is here and you will come up with the design of the museum. Mau Mau veterans will be inscribed in our history as a country,” he said.

He also mentioned that the existing museum in Uhuru Gardens will undergo renovation to incorporate the significant contributions of the Mau Mau, thus preserving the nation’s history and culture.

The President also pledged to support the families of Mau Mau fighters, and those without title deeds will receive them by the end of the year, as promised by his administration.

“The issue of title deeds here in Nyandarua, Nyeri and other parts. CS Zacharia Njogu has a clear path that before December this year, all titles belonging to colonial villages and other parts that Mau Mau veterans are residing will be ready, and we will come and give them out.”

It is widely believed that the British killed Kimathi in 1957, following his capture the previous year. Although his grave was never located, it is thought that he was buried inside Kamiti prison.

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