President Ruto Implements Ban on Imported Powdered Milk

Boosting Agriculture and Ensuring Fair Trade: President Ruto Takes Decisive Action Against Imported Powdered Milk

Rationale Behind Prohibition of Select Milk Products from Uganda – President Ruto Clarifies

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In a candid address to the residents of the Mt Kenya region via Inooro TV from the Sagana State Lodge, President William Ruto shed light on the decision to ban specific milk products originating from Uganda. The President underscored that certain domestic enterprises were exploiting Uganda’s conduit to infiltrate the Kenyan market with their processed powdered milk.

powdered milk.


This policy was set in motion following Kenya’s embargo on the importation of powdered milk. President Ruto elucidated that although the inflow of milk products from Uganda would continue, a regional trade agreement allowing the exchange of goods and services necessitated this continued engagement.

In a succinct statement, President Ruto expounded, “Our decision to curtail the importation of milk from neighboring countries pertains to firms that are engaging in the processing of powdered milk instead of directly sourcing it from our local farmers. Regrettably, certain Kenyan companies sought an alternative route by importing the powdered milk from Uganda, processing it, and subsequently seeking access to the Kenyan market. This subversion prompted the enforcement of this ban.”

president William Ruto Adressing the issue about powdered milk from Uganda.

Elaborating on the rationale, President Ruto emphasized that the primary objective of the prohibition was to ensure that local farmers reaped the direct benefits from the milk trade within the market. To foster understanding and cooperation, he also recounted discussions with Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni during which he delineated the underlying reasons for this pivotal decision.

In a parallel vein, President Ruto announced that there were plans to abolish taxes on animal feeds. This endeavor is part of a comprehensive strategy to bolster the agricultural sector and empower local producers. As the country looks to amplify economic resilience and promote equitable market participation, these measures emerge as vital components of Kenya’s evolving trade landscape.

powdered milk.

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