Nikuingize Ndani: New hit song released by Embarambamba attracts mixed reactions among Kenyans.

Kisii gospel singer Christopher Mosioma aka Embarambamba has been out of the scene for a while, but he is back with a bang.

He made his comeback with a new release christened “Nikuingize Ndani,” a song that he maintains is meant to invite people to Christ.

In a controversial music video, the Bend this Way singer is in the bush with a towel singing to a lady, supposedly the recruit he is trying to win.

As has become synonymous with him, Embarambamba is seen doing his signature dances while jumping on trees.

“Nataka nikuingize ndani, ndani ya Yesu,” the chorus goes.

Below are some of the reactions by Kenyans on social media platforms.

He used church as a means and platform for his madness successfully…..then the church celebrated his nonsense band he became famous. Now he is singing neutral songs that glorify lust and carnal appetites while mentioning God in it.” Favor Irene Kimani wrote on Facebook.

“Music ministry changed its name to must industry, that’s why we hear gospel music with ambiguous titles tilted towards glorifying men and perversity of this world….” Lenox McJuma wrote.

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