Meet Emmanuelle, Yougest Lecturer at the Age of 10 Year.

Meet Emmanuelle, Yougest Lecturer at the Age of 10 Year

At the age of 10, Nigerian Genius, Emmanuella Mayaki was hired as a Coding Instructor by a UK school in 2019.

Photo courtesy: Emmanuella Mayaki

She learnt web design and analysis at the age of 7. She gained tech diplomas at the age of 9.

She is an expert in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery, WordPress, PHP, MySQL, Graphic Design, Java and Python. She was admitted into the popular Programme for the Exceptionally Gifted (PEG) at Mary Baldwin University, where she would be learning computer science, The Guardian reports.

She has a Google app called Emma’s ICT Academy.

She was featured on BBC’s “My Life” series. It was aired to celebrate International Women’s Day on CBBC channel in 2021.

Photo courtesy: Emmanuella Mayaki.

She launched CodeKid, a weekend and holiday coding club for girls aged 6 – 15 in Abuja.

Many Nigerians on Instagram praised her as the pride of the country as some wished their children were like her. To gain admission into the prestigious university, she had 91% of 1,300 in her SAT.

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