Ika people: The origin and History Of Ika People.

The Ika people are specifically located in the North-West of Delta State with some situated in Edo State. Their language is Ika, an Igboid language spoken primarily by in Delta and Edo states of southern Nigeria with over 23000 native speakers.

According to traditional historian, Chief Egharevba, “The early people of Eka (Ika) migrated from Benin wave by wave.

The first wave was headed by a man named Eka the founder by whose name the land is known. However, Ika literally means marine/ aquatic animals e.g Fish.

The Ika of Delta State boast of being the home to the sweetest African Palmwine. The people are majorly Farmers and the wealthiest engage in Palm kernel business with red oil extraction or other forms such as palm wine tapping.

A lady from Ika community.

Ika communities mostly comprise the following: Agbor , Owa, Umunede, Mbiri, Abavo, Orogodo, Otolokpo, Igbodo, Ute-Okpu, Ute-Ugbeje, Idumuesah, Akumazi, Ekpon (Edo State), Igbanke (Edo State), Inyelen Edo State), Iru egbede (Edo State).

Other Ika communities found in Edo State are Owanikeke, Owa-Riuzo Idu, Igbogili, Ute Oheze and Ute Obagie N’Oheze.

Agbor, founded by a prince of Oba Ewedo of the great Benin Empire. Prince Ogugunagbon, one of a twin who left Benin Empire, is seemingly the largest city among the Ika family.

Ika traditional dance.

Agbor is located in Ika South Local Government Area of Delta State, in South-south geo-political zone of Nigeria, West Africa.

The city is known for it rich history, especially in the area of folklore and oral tradition. Agbor is the headquarters of Ika South Local Government Area, in Delta State, Nigeria.

Agbor became a university town in 2021 as the old college of Education got a handsome upgrade into a degree-awarding school.

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