How to up skill on CHATGPT alternatives.

Everyone is telling us how ChatGPT will replace writers and as it stands, honestly, it’ll happen sooner than we thought.

The same people are telling us to upskill to be competitive. But no is actually telling us how to upskill or exactly what to do.

Here are my ideas on how you can upskill:


If a client asked you today for a human written sample, you’ll gladly give it. What of a ChatGPT sample?

Well, I started a site specifically for AI articles. It’s a blogspot site which is completely free. It’s not about ranking on search engines at the moment, it’s more of a portfolio website.

How do you write helpful articles with ChatGPT?

Everyone says ChatGPT is generic..and I thought so too. However, the difference is in the prompting.

For example, if you are writing an article about “How to lose weight,” don’t prompt it this way “Write me a 500 word article about how to lose weight.”

That’s a recipe for a generic article. Instead do it this way:

“Write an article titled ‘How to lose weight.’

Don’t start the introduction with a question or a generic statement. Start with a problem, then emphasize with the reader and give a solution. (PAS)

Use quotes from experts that are relevant to the context.

Use statistics in every 2 paragraphs where necessary.

Use plenty of examples of people who lost weight successfully.

Don’t just tell, show the reader and back up your claims.

Use a mix of bullet points short paragraphs not exceeding 60 words.

Use a conversational tone

Write in the first/second/third person.

Include studies and don’t start with the generic ‘According to research…’

Tell the reader how height and losing weight are related. Use numbers to back up your claims.”

Okay, you can add as many prompts depending on the article you want it to generate.

It spits out between 400-600 words most of the time.

What if you want a 2000-word article?

Install the AIPRM ChatGPT extension. It has thousands of prompts. Choose the ‘blog outline’ prompt and generate an outline. Be detailed for a better outline.

Let’s say the outline had an introduction, five H2s and a conclusion.

Write each separately. Input prompts for the introduction alone.

Then got to the H2s. If a H2 needs more words than it can produce at a time, do this:

Copy the last paragraph where it stopped generating the article. Now tell it to continue from where it left. If you just prompt it continue, it may give a completely different thing.

Do that until you finish the article. If you need an AI writer that can ‘continue’ from where it left, use Koala Writer.

Prompt every part the way you would written an article.

When you have finished, now it’s time to edit. Remember it gives data upto 2021, so most of its statistics might be outdated.

But it’s easier to find latest data since you know the website to search from. Do that for everything that needs fact-checking.

Let no one lie to you that you’ll be done in 20 minutes. That job can take you between 3-5 hrs, especially fact-checking.

If you see a job posting about using ChatGPT, you can show the client your website and tell them it’s an all AI content. You’ll have an advantage to someone who only says they can use it but can’t prove it.

Try to write content more than 1500-words and make it look appealing by adding a lot of images. Just like you’d do on a normal website.


The best in the industry right now is Midjourney and Leonardo.ai.

Midjourney is premium while the later is free. They both have their pros and cons.

Learn to do the prompting here too. There are 5× harder than ChatGPT. Navigating the websites alone is a disaster.

You need to watch a couple of YouTube videos to get it right.

Canva also has the text to image feature. Infact, canva is just underrated. It has very many features you should learn.


This is self explanatory. However, it’s an uphill task to do it right. I’m trying out something, if it works I’ll let you know.

If you want instant success, run ads. However, learn how to do them to avoid calling everything a scam like the people who try out things without learning first, and when it doesn’t work, all they is that it’s a scam, especially when someone else is successful.


We have Redbubble, Etsy, Amazon, Kittl, Teespring, Teepublic…the list is endless.

They are saturated, so you must devise a way to drive traffic your shop. That’s where Daisy Muguna comes in. Pinterest is a great way to get noticed. Talk to her.

Google Ads is also superb if you have the budget.

Facebook ads and Instagram ads also do well.

Before you open any of them, please watch a couple of YouTube videos. There a ton of rules you must adhere to. Some reject you while some accept you instantly.


If you are the type thay can’t show their faces on cameras, then you need to learn how to do automated YouTube videos.

It’s tricky because you need to learn video editing which may take time. I tried but I quit because it need a lot of time.

However, if you dedicate an hour daily, you’ll have the basic understanding in a month. I think that’s all you need.

Find a niche. If you open an online store, it would be great to produce videos in a closely related niche so that you can put your affiliate links in the description.

YouTube shorts are also doing good.

YouTube is not overnight success. You should give it more than 6 months. This is not from first hand experience though, some people make it in a month.

For aspiring video editors, download Openshot. It’s beginner-friendly.


Digital products are those that are downloadable like ebooks, calendars ,journals, colouring books etc.

Because of the low barrier to entry, it’s also saturated. But that doesn’t mean you can’t find your way into it. Just like blogging where all you need is to do proper keyword research, even here you can identify opportunities that others can’t see.

Those are the skills I believe we should learn. I’m not saying AI will not do them, but it’s not in the near future.

Please, don’t just rush into something before you learn how to do it because you’ll be disappointed, actually Very Disappointed.

Take at least a month of learning alone. Then you’ll know what to get into exactly.

You can add anything else that you feel I left out.

Norbert Bwire

Norbert Bwire is a writer and founder of upasho.co.ke. He specializes in trending stories and local news. His goal is to share the best tips and news articles so as to help you understand what happens around the world.

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