How Rms Titanic Sank.


How Rms Titanic sank.

How Rms titanic Sank: The royal mail steamer (RMS) titanic ship drowned in the early hours of April, 15, 1912 in the north Atlantic ocean just four days after it began it’s journey from Southampton to New York.

It was one of the largest ocean liner in service in those days. According to reports it had an estimated 2,224 people on board at the time it drowned.

Among those on board 1,496 passengers and crew perished in the titanic disaster, according to experts the shipwreck which is two and half Miles down on the bottom of the ocean should be treated as private cemetery and not tourist destination.

How did Titanic ship sink?

Shortly before midnight on April 14th, 1912 the titanic ship at the time the world largest passenger ship received six warnings of sea iceberg.

However it was traveling at a speed of roughly 22knots when they sighted the iceberg but it was unable to quickly turn , forcing it to struck the iceberg.

The ship however suffered a blow which buckled it’s starboard side opening six of it’s sixteen compartments to the sea, sinking completely in the icy waters of North Atlantic ocean.

According to the design of the titanic it was supposed to stay afloat with four of it’s compartments flooded.

Where is the Titanic ship now?

The Titanic lies about 370 miles off newfoundland, Canada in North Atlantic ocean.

On Sunday 18th, 2023 ,the oceangate submersible titan was traveling to the wreckage site of the titanic which is about 2.5 miles below the surface.

However it succumbed due to the immense pressure at the depth where most shipwreck rest on Atlantic ocean , killing all five people on board.

How rescue was done during Titanic ship sink.

The titanic life boats system was designed to ferry passengers to vessels nearby for rescue operations.

However with the ship sinking rapidly it was not safe for the huge number of passengers and crew to use 20 lifeboats which included 4 collapsible lifeboats.

Despite the poor management at the time several boats were launched before they were fully occupied.

Due to cold shock and incapacitation those who jumped out or fell into the sea drowned or died within few minutes.

After one and a half an hour of sinking the rescue team arrived and only 710 survivors were rescued leaving around 1500 dead.

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