How Oceangate passengers died.

How Oceangate passengers died.

How oceangate passengers died: On Sunday a tour company Oceangate launched a tour journey to the Titanic wreckage having five passengers on board.


However the tour company released shocking news to the world confirming a statement that the five people who were on board had all died.


According to the company the Canadian research vessel had lost contact with the submersible in just one hour and forty five minutes after it was launched.


The news broke on Sunday evening which attracted massive international search efforts in order to try and rescue onboard passengers.


According to the reports earlier this week a Canadian search plane heard undersea noises. However authority cautioned that they might have not been related to the titan.


According to the admin at the united states’ coast guard rear Mr. John Mauger is that the titanic bound submersible had suffered a catastrophic implosion which killed everyone on board.


It was also confirmed that the titan succumbed due to the immense pressure at the depth of where most of the shipwreck rest on the Atlantic ocean floor.


After several search of the titan the debris from the submersible were found and all occupants presumed dead.


However on a heartbreaking news the bodies of the deceased may never be recovered again.


On the other hand the family of British businessman Hamish Harding, who was among those five passengers on board , paid tribute calling him a passionate explorer.


Hamish Harding the 58 year old businessman was a British aviation tycoon with three Guinness world records.


His family paid tribute stating that he was one of the kind and they all adored him.


Harding was the founder of Action Aviation which buys and sells aircrafts.

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