Taifa 1 Satellite and How African Continent is Growing in Space Program.

Africa From Space

Africa’s space programs account for a very small part of the world’s space activity. But the continent’s profile in space is growing.

Since 1999, 11 African countries (Algeria, Angola, Egypt, Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, Morocco, Nigeria, Rwanda, South Africa, and Sudan) have successfully launched 38 unilateral and three multilateral satellites into orbit.

African continent viewed from Space.

Space in Africa, which was co-founded and managed by one of the authors, estimates that by 2024, at least 19 African countries will have launched at least one satellite into space, with the total number of satellites launched by African countries rising to over 90.

In 2017, the African Union passed legislation to establish the African Space Agency and recently approved Egypt as host country for the new agency’s headquarters.

South Africa’s ambassador to the United Nations recently declared that “Africa’s demand for space products and services is among the world’s highest as the continent’s economy becomes increasingly dependent on space.”


On Saturday April ,15, 2023 Kenya launched into space it’s first operational 3U observational satellite named Taifa 1.

It was launched after three unsuccessful attempts due to unfavorable weather conditions in Vandenberg base in California, United States.

The satellite was launched abourd a falcon 9 Rocket from space X company which is owned by Billionaire Elon musk.

The satellite was built by a team of nine engineers from Kenya Space Agency (KSA).

The Kenyan team of engineers who built the satellite worked closely with a Bulgarian aerospace manufacturer, Endurosal which supplied components of the satellite body.

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