Flamingos Return to Lake Bogoria.

Flamingos Return to Lake Bogoria.

Flamingos Return to Lake Bogoria in Large numbers as local are very optimistic that there businesses will return back to normal after years of dryness following the lower number of tourists.

Lake Bogoria for decades has been one of the tourist attraction in Kenya. The lake which was formerly called lake Hannington acts as a home to millions of world’s largest population of lesser flamingos.

The species which are vagrant in nature and pink in color usually glide along the shores of the great lake Bogoria which forms a magnificent image.

Flamingos Return to Lake Bogoria.

The beautiful image makes the lake one of the top tourist destination in Kenya with tourist all over the world coming to view this beautiful sceneries.

However due to climatic changes and worst environmental distraction which had adversely affected lake Bogoria reducing the number of tourists for a while.

This environmental distractions had also resulted in the migration of flamingos from lake Bogoria as the birds had nothing to feed on.

In recent days locals residing along lake Bogoria have once again something to put smiles on there faces, they are now experiencing the return of flamingos in millions.

This return will have a good impact on there businesses as tourists have started flocking the region to this magnificent scenes.

Flamingos Along The Shores of Lake Bogoria.

According to the management at lake Bogoria SPA Resort, they are happy that the number of flamingos have gone high, currently at 95 percent compared to the past three years.

However locals on there side is that the efforts by the government to stabilize the security in the region will be a good move to there businesses as well.

This region before COVID-19 pandemic struck the world, it used to collect total revenue of about over 100 Million annually, this might recover back again with the return of flamingos.

When can you see Flamingos in Lake Bogoria.

Initially the serge of flamingos in lake Bogoria usually occurred during the rainy seasons of between November and May , at this time food was plenty.

The best time to visit lake Bogoria bis when there is a lot of flamingos however this is unpredictable as most of the time throughout the year there are usually a good number of flamingos.

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