Facts About Zimbabwe.

Some Interesting facts about Zimbabwe🇿🇼

The country with the most official languages in the world is Zimbabwe with 16, it’s a Guinness World Record.

These are: Chewa, Chibarwe, English, Kalanga, Koisan, Nambya, Ndau, Ndebele, Shangani, Shona, sign language, Sotho, Tonga, Tswana, Venda and Xhosa.

It has five UNESCO sites, making it one of the most countries wanting to be visited in Africa.

It is home to one of the biggest waterfalls in the world.

-The world’s largest man-made lake is found in Zimbabwe (Lake Kariba )Zimbabwe is one of the top producer of Tobacco.

Zimbabwe’s has the second largest elephant population in the world, after Botswana

Zimbabwe has southern Africa’s highest concentration of rock art, and there are thousands of sites all over the country.

The rock art was drawn by the inhabitants of the land and it shows their way of life in those ancient times. The oldest of these rock paintings date back 7000 years.

-The Museum of Natural History in Bulawayo is the 4th largest in Sub-Saharan Africa. It is one of the most literate countries in Africa

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